I live hard, I work hard, I love my life. After decades of diets and fads I finally settled on a routine of four small, happy meals per day. This keeps my weight constant, my sanity relatively intact and my energy abundant. And I NEVER deprive myself of a treat. (As you can see in the contents of this blog.)

But I am in my fifties and my family has a history of bad cholesterol, heart problems and cancer. I try to give my life quality with lots of daily exercise, moderation (This is hard!) and ingredients of the very best quality.

I have been a disciple of grapeseed oil for many years, 90% of the time this is the oil I use. And I have collaborated with SA Seed Oil – producers of the best grapeseed oil I know – on more than one occasion. So when they approached me with the idea of producing a range of exclusive cooking oils, natural and healthy oils with as many impurities as possible removed (especially  Benzopyrene), I was in!  

The result is LIVE LIKE N.

Currently, we have four oils available:

Grape-seed oil
Grapeseed Oil
Olive Oil
Olive Oil
Pecan oil
Pecan Oil
Chilli Oil
Chilli Oil

For more information please contact us at info@liveliken.com

or visit us at: liveliken.com